Hot Kraft Deals At Farm Fresh The Week Of 8/22 - 28, 2012!

Kraft currently has a $10 OYNO catalina deal going on at various stores; Farm Fresh being one of them. Here are the details:
Save up to $10 when you purchase participating Kraft Foods products between 8/19/12 & 9/15/12.
Buy 3-5 products & Save $2 off your next shopping order.
Buy 6-9 products & Save $5 off your next shopping order.
Buy 10+ products & Save $10 off your next shopping order.
Participating products are:
Crystal Light Canister (8qt+), Crystal Light OTG (7ct+), Gevalia (12oz+), Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese (14oz+), Kraft Dressings (16oz+), Kraft Shreds (8oz +), Kraft Singles (12oz+), Maxwell House 1-3lb (10.5oz+), Mayo/Miracle Whip (12oz+), MiO (1.08oz+), Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh (7oz+), Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (16oz+), Oscar Mayer Lunchables Fun Pack (4.8oz+), Oscar Mayer Bologna (12oz+), Oscar Mayer Completes (11.4oz+), Oscar Mayer Lunchables With Fruit (6.7oz+), Planters Peanuts (16oz+), Planters NUT-rition (8.75oz+), Velveeta Loaf 2 lb (32oz+) and Velveeta Shells & Cheese (12oz+).
Farm Fresh also has a $5 instant savings promotion on the purchase of 10 participating items running concurrent to this promotion that inscludes a few of the same products. Those products would be:
Gevalia Coffee $6.99
Maxwell House Coffee $7.99
Planters Peanuts $3.99
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunchmeat $3.49
Oscar Mayer Bologna $1.99
There are manufacturer's coupons out you can use to turn this into an awesome deal.
Here is what I did today:
2 Powerade Drinks @ $1 each ($5 promo only)
6 Oscar Mayer Bologna @ $1.99 each (both promotions)
2 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunchmeat @ $3.49 each (both promotions)
2 Kraft Singles @ $2.99 each (Kraft promo only)
Total before coupons = $26.90
- $5 promo
Total after coupons = $13.90 + tax
($1 coupons doubled on wed)
Then a $10 coupon good on my next shopping order printed. So it's like I paid $3.90 + tax for 12 items!!!

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