Cheap Soda & Candy A/C At Bloom Thru 10/18/11!

Did you get lucky and find the above pictured tearpad?
Do you shop at Bloom Grocery Stores?
If you said yes to both questions, then I have a deal for you!
Bloom currently has Hershey's & Reese's Candy on sale for $1.09 BOGO and the Coca-Cola 1-liter bottles are .99 each. So when you buy one candy & 1 Coke your total is $1.53. Technically the coupon should double and your total cost for both items should be .03 each. Unfortunately, the coupon is doubling incorrectly and is only taking off the cost of the soda. This makes the final cost .53, which is incorrect, but still a good deal. Since the coupon clearly states that you have to buy both products, you have the option to let your cashier know that it is doubling incorrectly so they can manually input it, or you can let the coupon double to .99 and pay .53 for the two or .24 each! Either way it makes for some cheap full size candy bars for the trick-or-treater's and some cheap soda pop for my family!

Quick Couponing Lesson:

So, to explain why the above pictured coupon doubles to the price of the soda only you have to get into coupon coding. Basically, the coupon is for two totally different products from different companies, but can only be coded for one. In this case it is the soda. However, the wording on the coupon explains to you exactly what the manufacturers want you to purchase to use this coupon and a good cashier will read the coupon and will require the purchase of two items.

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