*NEW* Booklet With Over $30 In Coupons Found At Kroger!

The next time you are in a Kroger store, keep your eyes open for "The Everyday Way To Surround Yourself With Wellness" Booklet. I found it on a display near the pharmacy. It has some valuable coupons with unusual amounts off. Here's the list of coupons.

Abreva Product, any size $3.25/1
Alli Product, any size $9/1
Aquafresh Product, any size $1.25/1
Beano Product, any size $1.25/1
Biotene Product, any size $1/1
Breathe Right Advanced Strips 10ct $1.25/1
Fiber Choice Product, any size $2.25/1
Nicorette Gum 100ct, Lozenge 72ct or NicoDerm CQ Patch 14ct or larger $7.50/1
Polident or Super Poligrip Product, any size $1.25/1
Sensodyne Product, any size $1.40/1
Sensodyne ProNamel Product, any size $1.40/1
Tums Product, any size .80/1

The Aquafresh, Biotene and Sensodyne coupons are worth holding on to for doubles deals, but are also good for getting FREE or cheap product at various stores. All of the coupons have an expiration date of December 31, 2012!

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