Lots Of Changes In The Meat Dept. At The Commissary!

There are some new changes that will go into effect between now & September 9th in the meat department at your local Military Commissary! I am not sure if this change is just an east coast thing or if it will be national. The 1st change is already under way.

On August 1st the fresh turkey contract switched from Butterball to Shady Brook Farms. Although many may have become accustomed to Butterball, Shady Brook offers much more to the customer. They carry 5 different flavors of Tenderloins, 2 different types of Turkey Meatballs, Scallopini, London Broil, Turkey Chops and Fresh Whole Turkeys & Whole Turkey Breasts! The down side is they do not carry Drumettes and the cost is slightly higher than Butterball. This transition should be complete by August 7th.

The second transition is a change in our chicken selection. After over 24 years of supplying military families with a healthier selection of chicken, Perdue chicken will be no more at the commissary. This will be a hard change to accept for many loyal Perdue lovers. In addition, Tyson chicken has lost it's place as the primary chicken. It will replace Perdue chicken and the new primary chicken will be Pilgrim's Pride. We had Pilgrim's Pride chicken a few years back and I can tell you the prices of the two chicken varieties will be competitive! If you prefer Tyson chicken, I am sad to inform you that many of the items Tyson now offers will no longer be available. They will have to cut back to accomodate the smaller space that was once reserved for Perdue chicken. These changes will go into effect on September 1st and will take up to the 9th to be complete.

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