If Ever There Was A Little Bit Of Heaven In A Package I Found It Today!

I was at the grocery store today with my husband and, as always, he was looking for snacks to buy. I told him I had found a shipper of New Archway Cookies that had $2/2 coupons on it. So he picked up one package of Archway Home Style Classic Shortbread Cookies and one package of Archway Home Style Classic Oatmeal Cookies. When we got in the car I decided to annoy him by pretending I was going to open his Shortbread cookies & eat them. It didn't seem to bother him. So I took it further and opened the package, which also didn't bother him like it would have before. So I took a cookie out of the package and took a bite. OMG!!! I think I melted in my seat. These cookies are so tantilizing! They feel hard, but when you bite into them they are soooo buttery and virtually melt in your mouth! We ate the entire package within the first 10 minutes of our 45 minute ride and my husband spent the remaining 35 minutes talking about how good they were! We're definately buying these again! I would recommend them to anyone!

If you would like to try them but haven't found the $2/2 tearpad coupon, there is a $1/2 printable coupon on their website. It's a Smartsource coupon so you should be able to print 2 per computer. You'll pay a little bit as we did, but boy are they worth it!!!!

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