FREE Or Cheap Produce & Ball RealFruit Pectin At The Commissary!

Keep your eyes open for a Ball RealFruit Pectin Shipper at your local Military Commissary. On it you will find the above pictured $1 off produce when you buy Ball RealFruit Pectin tearpad. The Pectin is .59 each. If you buy 1 pectin & a produce item that is .41 or less, they both will be FREE! I found Lemons at .39 each, Limes for .44 each, Kiwi at .33 each and Navel Oranges at .50 each. I'm sure there are other produce items that will be FREE or cheap with this coupon. The coupon doesn't expire until 12/31/11. Happy Hunting!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm headed out to the commissary now so I'll be on the look out.