FREE G-Oil Motor Oil 5 Quart A/R At Walmart!

G-Oil Motor Oil is a new motor oil put out by Green Earth Technologies (G.E.T.).
They are now giving you an opportunity to try it for FREE.
The noted advantages of G-Oil versus the traditional motor oil varieties include the following:

•Ultimate Biodegradable and Renewable
•Environmentally friendly, significant amount of ground water pollution can be controlled or eliminated
•Low or no toxic
•High Performance…naturally better than synthetics
•Excellent lubricity (superior performance can be achieved by introducing Molybdenum disulfide nanospheres)
•High flash point
•The unsaturated fatty ester, Methyl Oleate, helps to lower the pour point.
•Reductions in Greenhouse gas emissions
•Provide significant reductions in HC (hydrocarbons -32%), CO (carbon monoxide -48%) and NOx (nitrous oxides -80% emissions
•Best solution to air and water pollution
•Can be stored anywhere

To get your FREE G-Oil, Purchase a 5 quart jug at Walmart for $26.
Send in this printable mail-in rebate along with the receipt & upc #
 by 4/30/11 and receive a $26 rebate check by mail.

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