FREE Oscar Mayer Carving Board Lunch Meat A/C + .21 Overage At The Commissary!

Oscar Mayer Carving Board Lunch Meat is on sale for $1.79 at the Military Commissary.
There is a $2/1 printable on the Oscar Mayer Facebook Page that makes it FREE + you'll
get .21 overage! The $2/1 printable coupon is not advertised on their facebook page, so
in order to print it you will have to follow these directions:

You'll have to "Like" their page & then click on the "Good Mood" tab.
Scroll down & click on the "Add Yours" button. Tell them about a good
 deed you have done and submit it. You will then gain access to a link to
 the $2/1 coupon.


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