Military Commissary Flyer & Coupons Came In My Mailbox!

Don't just throw your junk mail away!
 I went through mine today and there was a
 Deca Flyer that had  the following seven commissary coupons:

Dove Beauty Bar multipack or Body Wash .50/1
Keebler Club or Townhouse Crackers $1/2
Kellogg's Eggo Waffles $1/2
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts $1/2
Lipton Tea Product .40/1
Tastybird IQF Chicken .50/1
Vaseline Lotion $1/1

On the flyer is the following message:

Come Home to SAVINGS!
Welcome Back to Your Commissary!

If you're an authorized commissary
shopper, you deserve exclusive grocery
savings! It's your selfless service to
our nation that qualifies you to
SAVE more than 30% ANNUALLY on
your grocery bills. WOW! That's more
than $4,400 in annual savings for a
family of four.

It's your benefit. You've earned it.
Bring it home to your family!

Okay! Now that they've finished blowing smoke up our a__, let's talk about what this really is. Back in the day the commissary had no worries.  They could survive off the millions of americans that shopped their stores because there were no taxes or because the meat was cheaper.  The fact is the surcharge is the exact same amount as taxes would be. So that isn't a benefit. And the meat being cheaper isn't good enough for me to shop there exclusively. Once the economy began to suffer you had record numbers of men & women paying more attention to how much they were spending on food. Couponing became the norm, not the exception. Tons of people are now realizing that you can save way more money at civilian stores shopping sales & using coupons. So now the only benefit the commissary has is the lower priced meat. Sales are now suffering and the scramble to recover the lost patrons now begins. First they start accepting manufacturer's coupons with competitor's logo's on them; including catalina coupons. Now they are sending coupons in the mail! What's next? I don't know about you, but I'm excited! Crossing my fingers & toes hoping that they will be forced to start doubling coupons!

What do you think?

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