Walgreen's School Supply Deals For The Week Of 8/15 - 8/21!

Here are the Walgreen's School Supply Deals
for the week of 8/15 - 8/21.

Artist Sketch Diary $1.99
Board Dudes Magnet Dry Erase Board $1.99
California Innovations Lunch Kit or Bag 25% off
Casio Basic Handheld Calculator $2.99
Construction Paper 48 - 96 Sheets (with in-ad cpn) .99
Corner Office Desktop Calculator $2.99
Corner Office 5 Tab Dividers (with in-ad cpn) .79
Corner Office .5 to 1.5" Binder BOGO
Corner Office Legal Pads (with in-ad cpn) .29
Corner Office Premium 1" to 2" Binder BOGO
Corner Office 7 or 13 Pocket Expandable File (with in-ad cpn) $2.99
Corner Office 3-Hole Paper Punch $1.99
Crayola Colored Pencils 24pk $2.99
Crayola Crayons 24pk (with in-ad cpn) .99
Crazerasers 4pk (with in-ad cpn) .69
Dixon Pencils 25pk $1.49
Elmer's Krazy Glue 1pk or 2pk $1.99
Expo Dry Erase Markers 4pk $1.99
Fiskars Bow Compass $1.99
Inc. Side Cliques Mechanical Pencils 4pk (with in-ad cpn) .79
It's Academic 5" Scissors (with in-ad cpn) .79
It's Academic Sharpener & Eraser (with in-ad cpn) .49
Liquid Paper (with in-ad cpn) .99
Mead Envelopes 40pk - 100 pk (with in-ad cpn) .59
Mead 5-Star All In One Binder $10.99
Mead 5-Star Flex or Multi Access Binder $9.99
Mead 5-Star 4-Pocket Portfolio BOGO
1, 3 & 5 Subject Notebooks BOGO
Oxford File Folders 48pk (with in-ad cpn) $2.99
Oxford Panorama .05 - 3 in Binder BOGO
Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils 10pk (with in-ad cpn) .49
Penway Dual Hole Sharpener (with in-ad cpn) .49
Penway 8pk Eraser Set (with in-ad cpn) .69
Penway Fabric Carry All Pouch (with in-ad cpn) .79
Penway Filler Paper 280 Sheets .99
Penway Glue Sticks 3pk or Jumbo (with in-ad cpn) .39
Penway Index Cards (with in-ad cpn) .29
Penway Markers 10pk (with in-ad cpn) .99
Penway #2 Pencils 24pk (with in-ad cpn) .79
Penway Pencil Case (with in-ad cpn) .29
Penway Poly or 3-Ring Binder (with in-ad cpn) .49
Penway 3-Subject Notebook .99
Penway 2-Pocket Folder with Prongs (with in-ad cpn) 6/$1
Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pens 2pk (with ACB cpn) .99
PNY 4GB Attache Micro Swivel USB Flash Drive $9.99
PNY 2 GB Attache Label USB Flash Drive $9.99
Pocket & Prong Portfolio BOGO
PrintWorks Multipurpose Paper 400 sheet (with in-ad cpn) $2.99
Reflection 2.5" Zipper Binder $4.99
School Pencil Box (with in-ad cpn) .99
Scotch Tape 3pk $3.99 BOGO
Sharpie Markers 12pk $4.99
Sketch Pad 50 sheet (with in-ad cpn) .99
Splash Poly Portfolio (with in-ad cpn) .49
Themebooks 100 sheets BOGO
Ticonderoga Yellow Pencils 10pk $1.49
Urban Sport Backpack $19.99 BOGO

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