Kraft Shredded Cheese .99 Without Coupons At The Commissary!

Today I noticed that the commissary had
Kraft Shredded Cheese 9.6 oz bags
in "Four Cheese" and "American &Cheddar" flavors
on sale for .99!
I immediately tracked down the vendor to ask what the deal was.
Evidently there is an excess at the warehouses for other areas
and they are shipping cheese to different MDV warehouses
and offering them at a discounted price to the stores.
She had no idea if all stores will have this deal,
but did say she thinks many of them will.
The dates are really good on them.
The ones I looked at expired 09/2010.
The cheese is not with the other cheese.
It will be in a display case with other specials.

Coupons that are out:

.55/1 Kraft Food & Family Booklet
$1/2 Add Dairy To Your Summer Booklet

In my local area I have seen this deal at
Oceana & Little Creek.

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