A Few Good Deals At The Commissary!

Now that the commissary accepts manufacturers coupons with store logos on them I decided to check a few of the coupons I have to see if there are any good deals to be had.
Here is what I found:

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $1.19
- $2/2 FL booklet
Total: .19 each

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Packet .79
- $1/1 FL booklet
Total: .21 Overage!

Glad Straws .45
- $2/2 FL booklet
Total: $1.10 Overage!

Glad Clingwrap $1.49
- $2/2 FL booklet
Total: .49 each
- $3/2 FL tp
Total: .02 Overage!

Kool-Aid Canisters $1
- .55/1 Kraft Food & Family booklet FL = .45 each


Tina said...

Ok, trying to guess what FL stands for?

Florida Liberalist
Friends Laughter
Fried Liver

I can do this for a while...

Deals4Real said...

LOL! FL stands for Food Lion! You gave me a good laugh! LOL!