HOT Deal On U by Kotex & Always Pads At Walgreen's!

U by Kotex Liners, Pads or Tampons are on sale for $3.49
for the week of 5/30 - 6/05
When you buy one a $2.50 RR prints
making them .99 each.
Also, a coupon for a FREE package of Always Pads up to $3.50 prints.
The Always Pads are $3.99,
so if you use the coupon now you will pay .49 each.

So your final total will be $1.48 for two packages of Pads, Liners or Tampons!

The Always FREE cpn doesn't expire until 7/25,
so I plan to hold on to mine just in case they go on sale soon.

Remember, you can only get one RR per transaction
and you cannot use the $2.50 RR to buy another box of Kotex.
If you want to buy more, try buying one of the other items that provide an RR
like the Ecotrin which is $2 and prints a $2 RR
and one other item that is .50 or more.
Use the $2.50 RR on that order
and use the $2 Ecotrin RR to buy the Kotex again.


Tina Renea Smile said...

I have been rolling the soap 3@2.99 Neutragena with a 50 centish item which creates a $10RR

The next transaction i do the $5 tooth paste, $3.49 Kotex and a $2 item(vitamins Ecotrin) which creates $5RR, $2.50RR and $2RR

Rinse and repeat no probs and no coupons needed!!!

Deals4Real said...

Awesome scenario Tina! You can even fit another transaction in with your two for the Rejuvicare Ultimate Skin, Hair or Nail Supplement which generates a $10 RR.