Deals For The Display Period From 5/06 thru 5/19!

HERE are the deals for the display period from 5/06 thru 5/19.


The Military Brat said...

Thanks so much for working so hard to put this list together! Here's a trackback for ya:


mary said...

oh you are so awesome! may i say that you have a fabulous blog- it's continually updated, and you update it with info that no one else has! a lot of other coupon blogs post the same generic deals, but you actually go to the store, find the deals YOURSELF and then share what you find! thanks to you, my family has saved an enormous amount of money. :)

I really appreciate what you do!

Deals4Real said...

Thanks Mary. For the commissary info I kinda have an unfair advantage. I work there vendor stocking 7 days a week. Since I am trained to look for deals I spend my time working & looking for deals at the same time! LOL!