Welcome Martin's Grocery Store To Hampton Roads!!!

Martin's Grocery Store has moved into Hampton Roads. 
There is only one store in our area so far and it is located in Williamsburg in the Monticello Marketplace Shopping CenterMartin's is not new to Virginia.  There are several Martin's locations in north eastern VA.  I look forward to learning as much as I can about this new store and will pass on any information I gather to you.

Here is what I have learned about coupon acceptance:

1.) Doubles up to .99
2.) Will double one of each like coupon
3.) Will accept Internet Printable coupons as long as they don't say FREE on them
4.) Will accept coupons with store logos on them as long as they say "Manufacturer's Coupon" on them.
5.) No limit to how many coupons can be used in one shopping order.


Martin's offers two different guarantees; the Accuscan guarantee and the 200% guarantee.


If you purchase an item that rang up wrong, Martin's will give you the item FREE. If you purchased multiples of the item that rang up the wrong price, the first one will be free and the others will be price adjusted to the correct price.


This guarantee only applies to Deli, Bakery and Carry Out items that are purchased expired.

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