My Commissary Walk Thru Finds For 4/16!

Finally got the 4/16 Walk Thru done and you can view it HERE.

Make sure you check back later today (4/20) because I will be checking a few items today and will be adding them this evening.


MELISSA said...

May I ask where you find all the tearpad Qs you post in your matchups? TIA!

Deals4Real said...

Because my commissary match-ups are viewed my shoppers all across the country and overseas I post the match-ups to include coupons found in all areas using a coupon database. I don't necessarily physically find all of these coupons. However, if it is a military tearpad I very well may have found that one because I work at the commissary 7 days a week. Posting the match-ups this way also lets people know what is out there so they can trade for those coupons or get them on Ebay.

If you ever want to know if I physically found a coupon, just leave a comment as you did and I'll tell you if I found it and where I found it. HTH