FREE Oral B Advantage Toothbrushes At Walgreens!

Here's the scenario:

Oral B Advantage Toothbrushes (The 3D white that is part of the cat deal) $3
Buy 3 @ $3 each for $9
- $2/1 x3 PG 4/04
Total: $3
A $3 RR prints making it FREE!!!


Thanks to danielephant on AFC

 You could substitute one of the $2/1 cpns for a BOGO cpn from the PG 3/07 and it will be a $1 Money Maker!

This deal is good thru 4/24!


Anonymous said...

Don't use the BIGI free. Use 3 $2 instead. Using the BIGI free will deduct $3 and you end up paying a $1 for three toothbrushes....not making a dollar.

Deals4Real said...

It looks like you are saying if you use one $2 cpn and one BOGO cpn you pay $1. I am saying, if it will work, use two $2/1 cpns and one BOGO cpn. That would be a total of $7 off for $6 worth of product making it a $1 money maker.