New Nestle Nesquick Tearpad Coupon Found At The Commissary!

While at the commissary today one of the demo people had Nesquick powder on sale and was offering a $1/1 cpn. I didn't think anything of it, but later, when I passed an endcap display of the same Nesquick powder, I noticed right in front of it was a tearpad of "Manufacturers" coupons for $1/1 Nestle Nesquik Flavored Milk, Milkshake, Powder or Syrup Any Size, Any Flavor! Awesome, AWESOME coupon! And, to make it even better, this coupon doesn't expire until 03/01/2011! And the barcode starts with a "5", so it will double! Definately a coupon to find. It will make milk FREE at many different stores over the next year! Hope everyone finds some!

Also, if you are looking to buy some at the commissary right now, they are $1.39, so they will be .39 after coupon.

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