New Children's Activity Book (CAB)!

According to couponmom.com there is a new Children's Activity Book out. Here are the coupons in it:

-$1 Crayola
-$1 Gerber
-$1 Band-Aids
-$1 Johnson & Johnson
-$1 Children's Be Kool
-$1 Maalox
-$1 Motrin
-$1 Tylenol or Pediacare
-$1 Triaminic
-$1 Huggies Jumbo Pack
-$1 Comfort Scanner
-$1 Flintstones Chewables
-$1 Zooth
-$1 Nix
-$1 Pediasure NutriPals
-$1 Kids Orajel

It would be great to get your hands on this book asap as next week there are deals on Band-Aids & Children's Tylenol. You can combine the $2/1 Band-Aid and the $1/1 Tylenol coupons in the CAB we have been using for the last few months with the $1/1 Band-Aids and Tylenol coupons in the new CAB! Keep your eyes open for it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cool! hopefully I'll be able to snag one this time! I usually shop in Chesapeake and have yet to actually find one...