Good Deal On Coke 12pks!

On the front cover of the Walgreen's ad there is a Coke 12pk coupon and it is advertised that with the coupon you will get 5 - 12pks for $13.  However, the coupon works on 2 - 12pks at Walgreen's and takes off $3.25 making them $1.63 each. Now Walgreen's took precautions to make sure the coupon wouldn't work on 1 product at their store.  That is the reason you have to buy 2 there.  But, the coupon is actually coded for 1 product, so it will work on one 12-pk at any other store. The problem is how the cashier will handle it since it doesn't say how much it will take off on the coupon. So, to avoid issues, you can use it at stores that accept coupons at a self check-out where you can scan the coupons yourself. This coupon has been successfully used at the Foodlion U-scan, but it isn't a very good deal because the 12pks aren't on sale. It also works at Wal-mart's Self Check-out making the 12pks $1.13 each.


Anonymous said...

Thanks - are there any Food Lion stores in Hampton Roads that have self checkout?

Deals4Real said...

Yes. On the peninsula the stores on Oyster Point Road in Newport News and the store on Mercury across from the Roses store in Hampton both have Self Check Out.

I have yet to see one on the southside that has it.

Jena said...

I know that the FL on Oyster Point and Warwick has a U Scan.