Mighty Dog Catalina Deal Promotion Info & What To Do If Your Catalina Doesn't Print

Although I did receive the promotional information on the Mighty Dog Catalina Deal and it worked for me, one of my reader's has reported that she did not get the catalina with her purchase. Here is what you can do in the event this happens to you.

You can try printing the above picture of the promotion details by double clicking on it. It will open in another window at a larger size. Print it and show it to them to see if they will compensate you, or you can contact the catalina company.
You can call them at
and follow the prompts to speak to someone. Make sure you tell them that your catalina coupon didn't print and they will send it out to you.
You can also contact them through email at coupon@catalinamarketing.com.  They will respond with in 2-3 business days. Include the following in your email:

Store Name
Store Address
Date & Time you shopped
Coupon you expected to print

Hopefully you will not have to deal with this situation, but if you do here are a few things that can be done in store before you get to the point where you have to contact the Catalina company.

 Go to customer service and explain the situation to them.  They can do any one of the following:

1. Re-ring your order on another register to see if the catalina prints.
2. Give you cash or a GC for the coupon amount you were supposed to receive.
3. Call Catalina themselves to find out what the issue is.

So far I have never had to call catalina. I have always been able to get it resolved in store.

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